Opening Fall 2019


June 28, 2019

Dear friends of The Circuit, 

It has been a minute since we have been able to give you an update on our new gym in Bend. So far, it has been a long and slow journey and we apologize for the delay. Building a ground-up gym is incredibly time-consuming and expensive which has been quite a challenge for us over the past few months.

However, if climbing has taught us anything, it's that if you want to succeed, you gotta hang on. But sometimes you find a new problem because that first one was a bit of a sandbag!

With that said, I am extremely excited to finally announce that we have decided to say goodbye to the ground-up project and hello to an existing building (and it's a good one)! Our future gym is located right off of Highway 97 and Empire Blvd making it easy to access. Plus, there's tons of parking and it's only 15 minutes down the road from our friends in Redmond. We will have 20,000 square feet of space to create the bouldering gym of our dreams - making it our biggest gym yet!

We are psyched to join the Bend climbing community and hope that you are stoked to give us a chance. This gym is being built to serve you and we hope you'll follow along as we bring it to life. If you're interested, and in the area, feel free to stop by as often as you like to see our progress or follow along on our Bend gym Instagram. We start building next week and plan to be open before Thanksgiving!

Thank you, and have a great weekend. 

Andy Coleman, owner.