Intro to Bouldering

ages 13+

This free 60-minute class introduces you to basic climbing technique and bouldering safety. This class is included in the cost of your membership, punch pass, or day pass. After class, you can purchase a 2-week membership for $20 (same day only).

T, Th: 7-8P
Su: 5-6P

Check our other locations for more days and times. Walk-ins are welcome, but sign-ups are recommended to hold your space.


Great class and very helpful. Our instructor was awesome. Took time to answer questions and help with proper form. Would recommend to anyone starting out.
— Nicky F.


Beyond the Basics

ages 13+

Stuck in a rut? Chances are you’re already strong enough, you just need the tools to enhance your technique and skill. This class is designed for novice climbers ready to take it to the next level.

3-week sessions are offered on a quarterly basis in January, March, June, and September.




Hangboard Training

ages 13+

Learn the dos and don'ts of hangboard training from longtime Circuit member, Lamont Hanson. Students will learn how to build a safe and effective hangboard training plan and keep a training journal to track their progress. Requirement: Climb V4+ for at least 18 months. 

3 week sessions | $45 per person
Check back for our next session in the New Year!



Fitness + Yoga 

ages 13+

All fitness and yoga classes at The Circuit are included in the cost of your membership, punch-pass, or day pass. Find a class that works for you.

  • Core for Climbers · M, W: 7-8P
    Create a strong core for climbing and target anterior muscle groups for injury prevention.

  • Core Yoga · W: 5:30-6:30P
    This is a core intensive class with yoga elements woven into it. You'll learn how to breathe through the workouts and integrate yoga positions into your workouts.

  • Yoga for Climbers · T: 6:30-7:30P
    Work on breathing, range of motion, balance, and deeper body awareness to help your climbing.

  • Hatha Yoga · Th: 7-8P
    Challenge yourself by going deep into poses aimed at increasing balance, strength, and flexibility to help your climbing.

  • Arm Balance/Inversion Workshop · Sun., Oct. 27th: 7-8:30P | $25 (members), $30 (non-members)
    Learn strength drills to improve your form exploring the creative versions of classic yoga shapes. This class is designed to help you find the level that works for you, building your self-confidence and strength in your own practice.

Check our other locations for more classes. Walk-ins are welcome, but sign-ups are recommended to hold your space.




Private Instruction

Learn better in one-on-one environments? Private instruction is a great way to get tailored guidance to fit your climbing-specific needs. Check out our private instruction brochure for more info on pricing. Please send an inquiry to to set up your sessions.